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About us


Did you know there are approximately 33 million fewer girls than boys enrolled in elementary or primary schools in the world? 

Hi, we’re Ecole. We’re making quality education accessible and affordable for young women around the world.

Ecole is a cryptocurrency project that will aim to donate a portion of its proceeds to help fund the education of the girl child.  Ecole is a mission-driven decentralized project.  When many people work together for a single cause, great things are accomplished and many lives are changed for the better.


By providing funds to fund girls' education, the girls' lives and their families benefit from better jobs and higher wages, decreased rates of HIV infection and overall better health.


Communities benefit from use of more productive farming methods which leads to less malnutrition and reduced infant mortality rates.  


The education of women brings more participation in politics and social projects and more autonomy in their lives on decisions that affect them and their families.

Participation in this project will help struggling families educate their children in hopes of a brighter future for their lives and their communities.  Thank you for your participation and thank you for your humanity.

Our vision and mission

Ecole’s vision is to be a vessel of social impact through blockchain technology and to be simultaneously profitable and charitable.

Common good

Holders of our charity tokens all have one thing in common: That is to do as much good in the world as we can using the gifts we have been blessed with.


This is the essence, the whole point of making blockchain our main driver in our quest to make education more affordable for girls and young women all over the world. Holders of our charity tokens will have access to all aspects of our day-to-day transactions and activities. 

Unique opportunity

It is great to be alive and well in the 21st century. No joke. With the democratization of finance, we have come to realize what a unique opportunity blockchain offers in the fight against many global problems.


The idea of a paperless environment is one that we can all get behind. Using 100% eco-friendly methods and tools, we seek to do our part to preserve this beautiful blue planet that we all call home.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any quetions, concerns, or feedback