Nano Launches in Beta. Open to Crypto enthusiasts and project developers

Nano is a dynamic platform that serves as a launchpad for crypto projects and a venue for crypto fans to discover new projects.

Ecole has a multi-faceted mission as far as we are concerned. To understand the purpose of this project, we must first embark on a journey to unravel the basic components of this idea.

One that is built on the idea of "doing a little bit of good in the world through technology". In all honesty, the technology part has been in existence for the last six years. Our maiden corporate vessel being Corvus web services.

We found success in creating software tools for small businesses. This was a natural fit for us since we are, and have been, small business owners ourselves for the last decade-plus.

Last year, with everything that was going on in the world, we decided to create a Blockchain Non-profit to start new ventures and to also assume the assets of Corvus- A transition, we are yet to complete.

So, to the "start new ventures" part:

Today, with the support of our community of token holders, developers, fans, and a whole lot of Rockstar energy drinks, we launched our first application: Nano.

This app is meant to solve one problem: Finding quality crypto startups. We wanted to have a clean design. One that encourages long-term investing.

Investing in projects that have real-world value. Nano, derived from "Nanotechnology" is meant to guide everyday consumers through the often tedious task of finding Blockchain startups backed by quality teams with an intrinsic view of the marketplace.

Please feel free to set up a free account and let us know what you think.

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