Exploring Ecole's Token Buyback Program

It is our deepest belief that instituting a periodic, systematic token buyback program will not only help strengthen and stabilize the overall value of our token but also help provide value to our long-term token holders.

We launched Ecole in the fourth quarter of 2021. Our mission was simple - To help create an organization built to help support the education of young women and girls around the globe.

Our aim was to explore the many advantages that blockchain technology possesses to further our mission. We knew we didn't have all the pieces. We knew a dedicated community of token holders is essential to building Ecole as an organization.

What is Ecole?

The arithmetic that stands as the foundation of our organization is simple: We would dedicate some of the profits generated through our software business to help fund our various initiatives.

Being a software company that has existed for over 6 years, we know our business. We have been building a deploying software application to help power small businesses and have come to realize predictable cashflows.

Ecole, however, was going to help us reach out and help improve the lives of many around the world using the power of the community we hoped to build and our underlying business.

Creating value

That being said, as part of our commitment to creating value for the organizations and individuals we plan to support, we also are committed to creating long-term value for our token holders. As a result, we are working on rolling out a token buyback program. One that is currently in a testing phase.

The plan is to periodically deploy some of our profits to buy back our tokens. These tokens will then be kept in our Charity Wallet long-term.

We believe by doing so, along with frequent token burns, we can help reduce the number of tokens in circulation while increasing the value of the $ECL token for long-term token holders.

Want to learn more about token buybacks? Click here

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